The Coop
Chicken & Waffles Made with Love in Pittsburgh

A family owned business, we make Chicken and Waffles.

At The Coop, we make this classic sweet & savory dish just the way you’ve always dreamed of: with Belgian waffles and homemade fried chicken- both golden and crispy on the outside, and absolutely scrumptious. Our award-winning recipes are made fresh to order with quality ingredients containing zero added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Each bite is crunchy, fluffy perfection.

Our selection features some of the finest Southern-style flavors to ever grace the Steel City streets, with just a touch of Pittsburgh thrown into the delicious mix. Come eat curbside or book The Coop to cater your next special event. We’ll bring the wonderful grub and good times straight to you, making your event the place where all Pennsylvanians will want to be.

Stop on by and meet the team, which consists of the wonderful Nicki and Eva. Behind the scenes, we’re proud to have one of the greats working the data and flow in Runu Ukwade who brings a wealth of experience in helping us understand how we can better connect with customers.

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